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Experience in the following fields:
Automotive control application.
Robotic Control Applications.
Industrial control.
AC/DC/Brushless/Step motor control.
Automatic / vending machines systems.
Telecommunication systemsl.
Digital communication / protocols.
Small Avionic Controller.
Medical / Para-Medical systems.
Commercial applications.
Consumer Products controllers.
Military projects.
Alarm / Security systems.
ID systems.
RTS Development established in 1982, with the stated purpose of creating an infrastructure for fast and effective development of control systems for a variety of fields.
The company was designed to be small and agile, with flexibility and short reaction time tuned to customer needs.

Today the company is still comfortably small, and is augmented by ad hoc professional people who derive their personal satisfaction from being competent, efficient, reliable and capable to bringing a project to its successful conclusion.

The success of that concept is attested by a core of repeat customers who use our services for their various projects for more than a decade.

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